GCN >Politics >Rallies, Dentmobiles, and Pillowfights: Dent's Revolutionary Grassroots Campaign


You can't take a walk in Gotham these days without seeing the enormous outpouring of support for Harvey Dent.

Lawn signs with the familiar slogan "Take Back Gotham" are visible on almost every street in the neighborhood. Window placards look down upon almost every shopping district.

And everywhere, you can see Dent supporters, young and old, of every color and background, passing out flyers and talking to Gotham voters.

And it all started with a phone call.

"I'd been trying to get Harvey Dent to run for District Attorney for months," Dent's media manager Allan Cypes said.

"But Harvey said he wasn't sure Gotham City was ready to take on crime and corruption like he wanted to. So I asked him, what if Gotham citizens prove to you that they're ready?"

When Cypes got Dent's answer that he would run for District Attorney if Gotham citizens proved they were ready for radical change, Cypes went into action.

He compiled a list of Gotham voters' phone numbers, and recorded Harvey Dent making a plea to citizens.

That's how, in early March, Gotham citizens received a phone call from none other than Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent.

"Do you want a Gotham free from the grip of criminals and the corrupt?" voters heard Harvey Dent ask them. "Are you ready to join a crusade to take back our city?

The answer, for thousands of Gotham citizens, was "Yes."

Within days, Gotham citizens were standing outside on street corners in a petition drive to sign up citizens who pledged to support Dent's fight against organized crime. Dent posters, placards, buttons, and t-shirts became inescapable features of the Gotham landscape. And thousands of photos and videos flooded into Dent's website.

"We were overwhelmed with support," said Dent's web campaign manager Abdul Al-Maliki. "It took me hours to cull through all the emails and submissions, but it was worth it to save this city."

Harvey Dent even brought his message of change to Gotham voters outside the city. "Dentmobiles" - vans full of Dent campaign materials - visited dozens of cities throughout the United States. Hundreds of Dent supporters welcomed the Dentmobiles everywhere from Seattle to Philadelphia, and Dent's message went national.

But with all the serious talk about crime, corruption, and the future of Gotham, it wasn't all grim determination for Dent supporters. One rally of a group of Dent supporters in Manhattan turned into a massive pillow fight.

Generating a massive outpouring of support, the Dent campaign has motivated Gotham citizens to participate in politics in a radically different way then in previous elections. We'll see if it all adds up to victory on election night.